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You can trust Zoo professional photographers to capture those perfect shots—It’s what being bold is all about

If you’re looking for a professional photographer based in Auckland, you’ve landed on the right page! We just love photographing people, events or products really well.

To us, success is a happy client; one that is thrilled with the results and comes back! This is why we ask plenty of questions to get an understanding of what you or your business is all about. Whether you require portrait photos, scenario shots of your staff, or images that make your products look fantastic, you can trust us to get that perfect shot.

Here’s what we can do:

  • Staff — for your website, social media or print publications
  • Portfolios — promote yourself or the uniqueness of your brand
  • Commercial — from event coverage, to site photography, to team photos
  • Product — small or large, we have the ability to capture and make any product beautifuly

So, to capture that perfect photograph, contact us today here or on 0800 284 396

To The Portfolio!

TESTIMONIAL “When I joined Challenge Partners as Group Marketing Manager approximately 6 months ago I needed to find a team of suppliers that I wanted to work with across all the companies, that would help me create a ‘content bank’ for use across website, collateral, advertising and PR, exhibitions and in our offices. I was looking for as local as possible (for convenience and the ability to be able to do ‘short notice’), reasonably priced, but mostly for a photographer that would respect and become passionate about our industrial/ manufacturing companies, our people and our products.

I struck gold finding Kathy from The Zoo, and have used and will be using her whenever possible. Her photography is cool! Her pics are stunning and of the highest quality and Kathy brings 100% professionalism to every shoot; but what sets her apart in our environments is her talent for finding something special, even magical, about our processes, products and people – and producing photos that make people want to look at them and keep looking – photos that are different from traditional industrial or manufacturing. She especially has a talent for capturing fresh, uncontrived and wonderful photos of our people and a relaxed, friendly manner that ensures that the staff have a good time doing it. (even those that don’t want to be to start with). Kathy’s style works especially well for me because she has a ‘nothing’s too much trouble’ approach to a photography shoot and is prepared to be open and flexible if a better shots presents itself on the day. In particular, her Precision Foundry photos have been grabbed by Engineering News to enhance their publication. I’ve really enjoyed working with Kathy and she has done me proud in my new role.

Judy—Marketing Manager, Challenge Partners.

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