Trust your instinct. It’s OK to say no. Failure is not the end. Try things quickly. Everyone has an opinion.

The Team

Teammember Ryan Thorpe
Ryan Thorpe
Creative Director
I live and breathe ideas, and am passionate about good, solid creative output. From that passion i thrive on relationship with people – if we can’t clearly and openly communicate, the effectiveness of what i do is jeopardised in my opinion: Effective design is relational. My background is in print, publications and signage. Together with my wife Kathy, we have a lovely daughter by the name of Ellie. I am one of the co-founders of GooseBoards and am enjoying the new challenge of learning to skate. 
Teammember Kathy Thorpe
Kathy Thorpe
Director and Photographer
My background is in commercial and portfolio photography. I enjoy the challenge of making any product or person stand out.  Along side my photography I have been indulging my passion for art directing.


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